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Monday Over 65’s Social

To further enhance the social variety of residents’ calendar, we invite members of the local community to join our residents’ and families’ ‘weekly over 65’s social’.

Members of the local community regularly join us for a game of bingo, or a quiz or just come to relax and chat in good company. Catch up with old friends or make new ones whilst enjoying complimentary tea, coffee and our chef’s home-made cakes.

This social event takes place each Monday from 2pm- 4pm at St Winefride’s Residential Home, but as this is proving very popular, space is limited so please telephone beforehand to ensure that we have available space!

St Winefride’s Village

We currently have beautiful dementia village under construction. The village is already equipped with garden furniture, rises flower beds, red post box, bus station and a bistro café at the end of the road creating the perfect ambience for residents and visitors alike to enjoy the peace and beauty of the outdoors in the warmer months.

Kids’ Breakfast Club

Every morning starts with the sounds of laughter and giggles coming from the WiniKids Club. Our ‘Kids Breakfast Club’ has allowed staff members with children to start work at 8am and bring their little ones in. Winikids feel empowered by this routine and very much feel like that they are ‘coming to work with mummy/daddy’ in the morning. Parents have stated that the kids feel encouraged to get up and get ready so they can participate and see their friends.  The Breakfast Club has developed to the point where the kids have a specified roles (‘To-Do Lists’) when they come into Wini.

Example of Kid’s Breakfast Club To-Do-List:
  • Saying Good Morning to the Clients
  • Ball games
  • Switching on the Alexas throughout the Home
  • Enjoying Breakfast with the Client.
  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Teaching Clients how to use the iPad
  • Playing Hide and Seek
  • Celebrating and Singing Happy Birthday to the Clients
The effects have been extremely positive for all:
  • The parents need not worry about childcare in the morning or coming into work after handover meetings.
  • Management need not worry about staffing issues first thing in the morning and knowing that each staff member has attended the handover meeting.
  • Clients start the day very positive with the sound of laughter of children enhancing the warm, family atmosphere we have.
  • Stress in the workplace reduces with the presence of Children.
Our staff support with Kids does not end with the breakfast club. If emergencies arise where Childcare is a let down we can support by allowing them to bring their Kid in for the shift. It is not always practical but we try our best.
WiniKids also has Staff Parties where the Kids are the focus of the Party – we have been bowling and then gone for food which is paid by the Home as a big thank you for coming in and helping the Home out.
WiniKids hosts various activities throughout the year. Last year we had ‘Living Eggs’ in the Home with the Kids looking after the Eggs which hatched into baby Chicks. This brought the local school classes into the Home too. We also had a local school class singing Christmas Carols during the festive period.
We love all that live, work and visit us.

Call for Advice

St. Winefride’s Residential Home are delighted to provide you with advice on a confidential basis, either for yourself, a friend or a family member. We recognize that looking for a care home is an upsetting and confusing task and we are happy to support you where possible. We are here to assist both with the medical elements as well as fees and funding issues.